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Investment Analysis

“Choosing and monitoring the appropriate investments offered in your plan is a serious fiduciary task, as it can impact a participant's retirement experience. Latus Group provides independent investment analysis to assist you with this important responsibility.”

The Scorecard System Methodology incorporates both quantitative and qualitative factors in evaluating fund managers and their investment strategies. The Scorecard System is built around pass/fail criteria, on a scale of 0 to 10 (with 10 being the best) and has the ability to measure Active, Passive and Asset Allocation investing strategies. Active and Asset Allocation strategies are evaluated over a five year time period, and Passive strategies are evaluated over a three year time period.

Combined, these factors are a way of measuring the relative performance, characteristics, behavior and overall appropriateness of a fund for including into a plan as an investment option. The Scorecard Point System is meant to be used in conjunction with our sample Investment Policy Statement, in order to help identify what strategies need to be discussed as a "watch-list" or removal candidate; what strategies continue to meet some minimum standards and continue to be appropriate; and/or identify new top-ranked strategies for inclusion into a plan.

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