Our Core Company Values



We are professional to the core and it is established throughout every element of our organization.  Our reputation for professionalism is evident and sensed by those in our industry, our community, and most importantly by our clients and prospective clients.


We are the foundation of financial knowledge for our clients as they employ our guidance and advice to execute their most important life decisions. Our knowledge and advice has affects for generations to come. We are viewed as an industry authority in our core competencies of corporate retirement plans and private wealth management. We are devoted to constant learning and expanding our comprehensive advice.


Our service and commitment to our clients, and to our fellow team members is unwavering, consistent, and most of all we perform and deliver with care and reliability. No action by or within our organization is random or unintentional, we are reliable because we embody “definition” in everything we do. We define: our clients, our roles, our positions, the delivery of our services, and ultimately our client experience.


Our clients have chosen us over all others because they trust us with their most precious resource, their money. They trust that we will be professional, knowledgeable, and reliable throughout our relationship. Our client's rely on us to be truthful and honest about their financial situation through good times and bad.


We know that behind every account is a story that we must fully understand and embrace in order for our services to be heartfelt and effective. Client's sense and feel that they are unique in our organization and that their concerns and futures are cared for here like nowhere else.  We are compassionate and genuine toward each other, and understand and respect each other's differences within our organization.