Guiding You Through a Successful 401k Conversion

Assessing Your Retirement Plan Needs

We begin assessing your retirement plan needs by focusing on the effectiveness of your current plan features and design combined with a thorough understanding of the improvements you would like to see in your plan.  Our initial assessment can be completed with very little inconvenience to your company.  We are able to gain valuable insight into your plan by reviewing your most recent form 5500 and plan document.  We will pay close attention to fiduciary compliance, plan expenses, investment choices, education, and frequency of service.

Evaluating and Selecting Vendors

Once we have gained a thorough understanding of your retirement plan "Needs Assessment", the Latus Group will identify on or more plan vendors as candidates based on their ability to best meet the challenges and requirements of your unique plan.  The Latus Group will gather proposals from a narrowed list of vendors and review their proposals with your to ensure that they offer effective solutions and a competitive cost structure.  Alternatively, we may invite the leading vendor candidates to deliver on-site presentations where we will act as your advocate.  Following vendor selections, we will proceed to the implementation phase of your 401k plan.

Implementing Your Plan

Converting an existing retirement plan requires precise coordination and smooth execution.  As your advisor and primary contact, the Latus Group provides advocacy and assistance to you throughout the implementation process.  We will ensure that your needs are thoroughly communicated to all involved professionals and that you remain fully informed throughout this process.  At a minimum, we will perform the following actions during the implementation process:

  • Evaluate and offer a broad range of investment options.  Investment selection is one of the most important aspects of your plan.
  • Develop an Education Policy Statement (EPS) that seeks to maximize employee participation and meets certain 404(c) requirements.
  • Coordinate and conduct enrollment meeting an produce educational materials that are personalized and aimed at improving participation, savings and asset allocation.
  • Create an Investment Policy Statement that provides guidelines for making investment management decisions.



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